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We are making a difference.

The UK is losing wildlife at an alarming rate, once common species such as water voles, swifts and curlews are rapidly fading others such as wildcats and lynx are long gone.

Farming has now ceased on 400 acres at Coombeshead. We are commencing the start of a new journey, one which will give the land an opportunity to relax, recover and re adjust.

Careful reseeding and planting, combined with grazing and browsing by our exmoor ponies, short horn cattle and buffalo, combined with the rootling of our iron age pigs is leading to the recovery of our land. 

Our vision and hope are that gradually, slowly, life will return. New life, not hemmed in by hedgerows or restricted to narrow verges but full and complete.  We are already seeing this happen, beavers live in our streams, water voles flourish in our pools, barn owls have returned to hunt over our land and this is just the start.

Our goal is to maximise the biodiversity and reintroduce lost species into our landscape.

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Upcott Grange
Lifton  Devon
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